I am hoping this site will be useful for people I know who are as mad about books and reading as I am. I was asked recently to become a “virtual” member of an old reading group I used to belong to. It got me thinking about what the best way to provide reviews/suggestions etc would be, and the result is this Blog.

I hope to post regular reviews of all sorts of books on here. My reading is quite eclectic so there will be a mix of fiction and non fiction. I am not really into poetry so please don’t expect to see much of this. I also plan to post information that I think may be useful to the reading community that I am hoping will follow this Blog. This might include book suggestions, news on new books, the latest long and shortlists for the various awards (Orange, Booker etc) as well as any other nuggets of information I think people may want to know about.

Another area that is very much a hot topic at the moment is the Ebook. I hope to keep you relatively up to date with information about this new technology. I have a Sony PRS 300 Ebook reader and given my technical background, I am keeping a very close eye on this new format.

Finally, I want your feedback. If there is information you would like to see on here, let me know.  Please comment on the Blogs and get involved. The more the merrier as far as I am concerned. We all have a love of books so let’s share what we know and that way we can all benefit.


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